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Featured Projects

Haverton Hill Peaking Plant

Our client is a trading company looking to trade in the peaking market and wanted a gas-fired plant.
Encora originated and developed the site in 2016 with 6MW MTU gas engines remotely operated for peaking power in to an 11kV connection.
Encora provided owners engineer and project management services through construction and now manage all on-site operations and maintenance leaving our client free to concentrate on maximising trading opportunities.


Lincoln Peaking Plant

Our client is a high net worth individual looking to invest in grid scale generation assets. 

Encora Energy acted as EPCM for a 4.6MW MWM gas engine site remotely operated for peaking power into an 11kV connection. Encora Energy developed specifications, selected vendors and managed construction interfaces with separate contractors for engine supply, civils, grid and gas connections and LV electricals.

We now manages all on-site operations and maintenance.

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Hydrogen Fuelled Flexible CCGT – Economic Modelling and Technology Selection

Encora Energy provided engineering consulting to a developer keen to install a highly flexible CCGT burning a percentage of hydrogen fuel.
This consisted of sizing the various aspects of the design hydrogen electrolysis and storage system, cooling system and engine selection.
as well as a high-level economic analysis to understand viability.


Chipcob Operations Control Interface

Encora Energy operates 8 sites with over 50MW capacity across the UK on behalf of multiple clients. Operations are monitored through our bespoke control and data acquisition interface that compiles operational data on all site to allow continuous real time monitoring of plant performance across the whole portfolio.

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Swindon Hilton CHP

Our client is a hotel looking to optimise its energy use and reduce bills by use of a combined heat and power (CHP) system.
Encora analysed heat and power consumption and developed system requirements.
Through increase of unit size above base load and use of a heat trim radiator Encora were able to further increase energy savings.
Encora Energy also designed and installed the CHP control interface to allow their energy supplier to optimise its operation.

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