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The UK electricity market is changing

Deregulation and the rise of renewables and drive to net-zero has created a more decentralised model

This will result in reduced costs, improved security of supply and reduced CO₂ emissions as the system evolves.


This new market offers significant opportunities where energy providers, investors and consumers can realise lower bills and increased profits by deploying new energy assets as well as optimising the existing energy system

Encora Energy are at the forefront of these changes and assist our clients by dealing with the practicalities of developing, installing, operating and maintaining new energy systems of all types. We have a broad experience base including renewable, CHP, battery storage systems, fuel cells, gas engines and gas turbines, all supported by our energy management and optimisation capabilities ensuring equipment is available and efficient


Encora Energy  became frustrated when we couldn’t find a control system that met all of our needs at the correct price point so we developed CHiPCoB

CHiPCoB is an inexpensive, secure control interface aimed at allowing energy suppliers/users to actively control assets within commercial and industrial scenarios to maximise energy value and costs.

  • Provides trading capability for even the smallest energy asset for a low up-front cost

  • Rugged enough for industrial use with sufficient redundancy in case of failure

  • Simple connection to customer LAN or direct communication interface through the mobile network without a need for fixed IP address or complicated networking

  • Two way communication allows control and data acquisition in the cloud

  • Simple pre-engineered interfaces to most assets

  • Certified for UKPN Active Network Management (ANM)

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